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[ Comfort Zone ]

Time for you kassi.jpg

Time for you Kit

Renight cream 30 ml

Specialist hand cream 75 ml

Tranquillity Body Lotion 50 ml

10.400 kr

Fullt verð 13.600 kr

Tranquillity kassi.jpg

Tranquillity Kit

Tranquillity shower cream 200 ml

Tranquillity body lotion 75 ml

12.800 kr

Fullt verð 16.990 kr

Skin regimen kassinn.jpg

Skin Regimen

Daily Kit

Cleansing cream 70 ml

Tripeptide cream 40 ml

11.500 kr

Fullt verð 15.200 kr

Remedy kassi.jpg

Remedy Kit

Remedy Defense Cream 60 ml

Remedy Cream To Oil Hreinsir 60 ml

12.900 kr

Fullt verð 17.400 kr

Sacred Nature kassi.jpg

Sacred Nature Kit

Sacred Nature Cleansing Balm 50 ml

Sacred Nature Hydra Cream 50 ml

Sacred Nature Youth serum 30 ml

23.200 kr

Fullt verð 30.950 kr


24 Hour Kit

Hydramemory cream 60 ml

Renight mask 60 ml

Hydramemory eye gel 15 ml

22.900 kr

Fullt verð 30.700 kr

Comfort Zone Journey.jpg

Comfort Zone Journey

4.800 kr

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